Liu Ziyin, UTokyo 刘子寅 UPDATE: I have moved to MIT and NTT Research. Here is my new website:

Liu Ziyin 刘子寅

Email: liu.ziyin.p (at)
Office: Room 949, Graduate School of Science Building 1
Department of Physics, University of Tokyo

I am a graduate student in physics at the University of Tokyo. I study and do research in, technically speaking, theoretical physics in the Ueda Group. Personally, I am interested in art, literature and philosophy. I also play Go. Even if I do my best, I speak poor English, awful Japanese, and even worse Shanghainese. If you have questions or want to collaborate, or just want to say hi, please shoot an email.

Doctor thesis: Symmetry breaking in deep learning (深層学習に於ける対称性の破れ, 2023).
Master thesis: Mean-field learning dynamics of deep neural networks (2020).

Research Interest

I am particularly interested building a scientific theory of deep learning, and I think tools and intuitions from physics an be of great help. Currently, I am interested in the following problems:

Past Research

So far, I have worked on the following problems: I do my best to establish solid deep learning methods:
  • achieving L1 penalty with gradient descent
  • a horse race inspired blackbox for uncertainty estimation in deep learning
  • a theoretically motivated data augmentation method for financial portfolio construction

  • I also do research on statistical physics:
  • a universal theormodynamic uncertainty relation
  • econophysics