Department of Physics, The University of Tokyo
2010 Quantum Mechanics I (Mon. 3rd & 4th period)

We will use the following book as a textbook

上田正仁 現代量子物理学ー基礎と応用 (陪風館)

Typos and supplements of the textbook will be uploaded on this webpage

Lecture: 12/6, 13, 20, 24(Fri.), 1/7(Fri.), 17

Exam: 2/28(Mon.)

Lecture and Homework
12/ 6: finished up to 1.2.Homework1
12/13: finished up to 1.5.Homework2
12/20: finished up to 1.9. Next(12/24(Fri.))we will lecture 1.10. Homework3
12/24: finished up to 1.10. Next, we will lecture 1.11 and 1.12.Homework4
1/7: finished up to 1.11. Next (1/17), we will lecture 1.12 and 2.1.Homework5
1/17: finished up to 2.1. 2.1 is out of the range of final exam.Homework6

Homeworks are the presents for you to be of help deepen your understanding, so please try them.
Though you don't have to submit them, some of them are in the final exam.
The final exam involves four problems: three of them will be taken from the homeworks and exercises in the textbook, and one is an applied problem.
Questions about the homeworks will not be accepted for the sake of fairness.